Lender Services
Maximizing outcomes and minimizing risk are our goals when it comes to evaluating a lender’s situation. We assist lenders and creditors with independent assessment of a borrower’s business and a lender’s position. Our diversity of skills and experiences in many industries allow us to get up to speed quickly. Our professionals average more than 30 years’ experience including everything from small credits to large and complex syndications. We have experience in buy-side and sell-side due diligence, and operational assessments. And we have held senior level positions including controller, CFO and COO, allowing us to understand the intricacies of most situations. We have served as court-appointed receivers as well as advisors to creditors and debtors. We have represented the interests of secured lenders, served on unsecured creditors’ committees and as CROs.

Interim Management
Whether a business is transitioning to the next generation or the next stage of growth, our professionals can serve as highly effective interim C-suite managers to support short- or long-term transitions.

We know how important it is for you to have complete confidence in an interim manager. Rest assured, you won’t have to wait for us to come up the learning curve. You can count on us for quality work, efficiency, and answers that help drive your business and profits forward.

Our team has served a wide range of stakeholders including owners, heirs, sponsors and advisors, and we understand their varied perspectives. We’ve held senior level positions and served as department heads in both full-time and interim capacities, so we know how to get the job done. We’ve also worked through court proceedings as CROs, receivers and advisors.

We serve a broad range of industries, with particular expertise in manufacturing and distribution, wholesaling/retailing, construction, entertainment and banking. Our projects have included oversight of day-to-day operations, overhaul of operations, negotiating complex transactions and recovery of struggling businesses.

Financing Solutions
What constitutes a good deal? And, how do you achieve it? Whether as part of a growth strategy or change in business plan, finding a new lender and negotiating terms is a full-time job. We’ve been on both sides of the lending table and not only know how to get you there, but how to avoid the looming pitfalls that can kill a deal. We’ve also been around long enough to know which lenders will be interested and which won’t, so there is no time wasted talking to groups that will likely never say yes. We partner with management, prepare materials and create data that a lender will require, and we manage the interaction with the lender to allow management to focus on the day-to-day operations of the business.

Our clients include established businesses seeking growth capital to get to the next level, mature businesses seeking to take advantage of more favorable terms, or businesses where the lender relationship has soured. Regardless of the impetus, our team has the expertise and relationships to get a new facility in place.

Turnaround Management
There are a number of factors that can cause a business to underperform, but whatever the hurdle, our team has the experience and knowledge to operate in a calm, controlled manner to help clients navigate the situation and overcome the setback. We strive to understand the position of all stakeholders to arrive at the best resolution. Our professionals have served as interim managers and lenders in a wide range of industries. We’ve also helped businesses transition from generation to generation, be divested to another owner, and we’ve completed acquisitions. Combined with our bankruptcy experience as advisors to debtors and creditors, and as receivers, we have all facets covered.

Our team has improved cash positions, negotiated forbearance agreements and developed plans of reorganization that satisfy all parties.

What separates us from the pack is our strong operational background. We know that success cannot be based solely on financial solutions. We analyze financial plans and discern whether or not a company has the resources and operational acumen to achieve the intended results. Then we do what needs to be done to assure a company has solid and realistic plans that are the true foundation for sustainable change.

Let us know how we can support your business. We welcome you to contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

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