Our Company

About Momentum AdvisorsThere comes a pivotal time for every company when a fresh perspective and specialized expertise can add value, direction and profit improvement.

At Momentum, we dig in and question everything to get to the heart of the matter. Collaborating with our clients leads to smart solutions: a shared vision, a clear path forward and ultimately better profitability. That may mean simplifying complexities, identifying roadblocks and clearing them out of the way, optimizing workflow or discovering and resolving cost drivers.

People we would like to meet:

Presidents, CFOs and advisors of mid-sized companies that are experiencing explosive growth, major trauma, or an unexpectedly complex transition. We help leadership teams organize, prioritize and manage best business practices in even the most challenging of situations, ensuring they are converting materials and labor into profitable goods and services as efficiently as possible. Our clients are in flux and feeling the stress. We help them not only regain control, but also maximize profits and efficiency during times of major change. We provide permanent solutions with long term results.

Advantages we have over other consulting firms:

  • Deep operations expertise including lean business and systems design
  • Executive-level and day to day operations management
  • Flexible fee arrangements that fit the unique needs of the customer
  • Performance-based pricing, so our goals are aligned with our client’s

Yes, we’ve been there. Yes, we’ve done that.

Our seasoned professional advisory team has supported clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, and has extensive experience in the following industries:

  • Manufacturing and Sourcing
  • Distribution and Warehousing
  • Retail & Wholesale Consumer Products
  • Logistics, Trucking and Transportation
  • Construction/Real Estate Development
  • Travel and Entertainment
  • Hospitality and Lodging
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Professional Services
  • Agriculture and Food Services