Business Services

You wouldn’t make beer without a recipe, so why run your business without one?

Momentum Advisors helps businesses overcome profit challenges through operational improvement and financial management. Our services for businesses include:

  • Cash flow forecasting so you don’t run out
  • Financial and operational reporting to ensure the business is doing what you think it is
  • Financial modeling and investor presentation materials to maximize every opportunity
  • Valuation road mapping (how to increase value in stages)
  • Bank/Investor negotiation support to make sure you get the right deal
  • Vendor/supplier/distributor negotiations support
  • Capital equipment purchasing support (when and how to make big purchases)
  • Equipment financing/leasing support
  • Inventory management and inbound freight cost management
  • Operations planning
  • Financial systems and back office set up and bookkeeping

Business Services

Example Operating & Financial Metrics:

  • Revenue and profit per unit
  • Segment reporting and product revenue mix (e.g. distributor, wholesaler, etc.)
  • True product profitability (incorporating non-cost of goods variable costs)
  • Return on Investment (ROI) and other investment return metrics
  • Throughput, capacity and other operating metrics
  • Inventory turns and optimum inventory levels
  • Food cost, prime cost and table turns (if applicable)
  • Labor productivity (if applicable)