Retail Operations

In our view, retail is a data driven business. Without the right information, business operators can’t make the right decisions. When the old strategies aren’t working as well, sticking with them isn’t the answer.

We believe there is science behind store operations. Understanding how layout influences consumer behavior can set you apart. Knowing what is actually happening within each location helps you see a bigger picture.

We also believe if you can measure it, you can influence it. Learning how to control expenses and how to measure effectiveness of spending can make all the difference.

Yes, we’ve been there. Yes, we’ve done that.

At Momentum Advisors, we’ve helped retail store operators ask the right questions and get the best answers to drive profitability. We’ve helped them improve cash flow and reduce inventory. We’ve built data models that give SKU-level information for store operators to make decisions. We’ve also worked with manufacturers and distributors, so we understand the supply chain and its importance. We’ve helped open stores and close them, and we know how to deal with landlords.

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