We believe manufacturing is one of the hardest industries for owners/operators to become successful. There are so many skills to master…manufacturing, distribution, product development, and marketing to both end users and distributors…and that’s just to start. And if you’re a contract manufacturer, you often don’t even really have control of your inventory, which is one of the three tools you need to manage the business.

We bring a broad range of skills to help expand the scope of your team, and help you move all parts of the business in the right direction. We’ve worked in depth with the various businesses within the manufacturing industry, and we understand what applies and what doesn’t.

We also believe if you can measure it, you can influence it. Learning what to measure and how often teases out information from the data. That information that leads to better decisions and greater success.

Yes, we’ve been there. Yes, we’ve done that.

At Momentum Advisors, we’ve helped operators ask the right questions as well as get the best answers to drive profitability. We’ve helped operators improve cash flow and reduce inventory. We’ve built data models that combine manufacturing data with P&L data to give operators a better picture. We’ve helped companies understand and improve the effectiveness of their marketing dollars to better drive revenue.

Find out how we can turn your manufacturing business around…and take it to the next level. Reach out to Momentum Advisors today to get started.

Furniture Manufacturer and Distributor

Furniture Manufacturer and Distributor

Momentum Advisors was referred by a large consulting firm to...
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